Stop demeaning president

IT IS high time that the Congress of the People is given political counselling to stop their personal hatred aimed at President Jacob Zuma.

Their efforts to undermine the highest office in the land cannot go unnoticed. Taking into consideration that the same Cope defected from ANC.

After losing on the vote of no confidence one wonders what next Cope is up to.

Let them be bad losers while others help build the country.

Cope's agenda is nothing but Jacob Zuma this, Zuma that.

As law-abiding citizens we have had more than enough whining and moaning from Reverend Mvume Dandala.

One wonders why we have to fight British journalists who talk bad of Zuma while we have political parties in our country who want a vote of no confidence in the country's president and call him names only nine months into office.

This creates a bad image of our government, our tourism, our economy and our political life.

I tend to agree with Themba Godi of Scopa that there are many challenges facing the country and its citizens rather than demeaning the president and his personal life.

Let this cheap politicking be discouraged.

Makhosonke Mkhaliphi, Piet Retief