IN THESE depressing times of the economic downturn it is not surprising that people are flocking to the Durban Comedy Nite, which proved to be a huge success at its premiere.

Ecstatic about their initial success in December, Lindelani Mkhize of Lindelani Mkhize Entertainment is boldly hosting another impressive line-up at the International Convention Centre in Durban on March 26 at 7.30pm.

Set to evoke gut-ripping laughter, he is going to unleash the judge of SoYou Think You're Funny, Ntosh Madlingozi, and one of the finalists, Chris Mapane. It is the teacher and student making the fans happy this time around after Mapane learnt a trick or two from Madlingozi.

With the 2010 Fifa World Cup around the corner, Durban, which is one of the host cities, will provide a better way of promoting the city through the Comedy Nite.

Tourists will be encouraged to visit the ICC and absorb the look and feel of the area since some World Cup games will be played at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, just a stone's throw from the ICC.

Mkhize, the brains behind the Durban Comedy Nite, says the project has created a good platform for new as well as known comedians around the country.

"The Durban Comedy Nite is gaining popularity since it started in December. It is something that brings a good laughter to the revellers and that's what we need in South Africa as we prepare for the 2010 Fifa World Cup," Mkhize says.

Glen Bo might have crossed over to music and acting, but remains a true underground comedian. He has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the Free South African Comedians show, written three solo shows and promoted comedy in the UK and South Africa.

He has performed at the Playhouse Opera Theatre in Durban with equally respected John Vlismas and with Marc Lottering at the ICC. He had other gigs at the Nelson Mandela, PE Vodacom, Catalina and Dockyard theatres.

His international performances include the Comedy Store in London, touring the UK circuit and was a regular on the Laughing Horse and Mirth Control circuits for four years. He enjoyed a placing in the finals in the National British Comedy Competition for newcomers in York in 2006.

He has also toured the likes of the Bahrain, the Seychelles, Scotland, England, Wales and the Bluff. He isn't afraid of speaking to a crowd, pulls no punches and can perform to audiences of all sorts, proving so at the Kearsney College Upbeat Festival in 2009.

He was nominated best comedian in KZN in 2008 and for the Da Vinci Award as the most innovative stand-up in the Comedy Industry Awards in 2009.

Glen Bo was born in Mooinooi, which means pretty girl.

He will share the stage with other comedians like Mondli Mzizi, Senzo Mthethwa, Khaya Ngema, a Satma award winner Pastor Mjosty, Simmi Areff, and Durban's number one comedian Felix Hlophe.

Tickets for the Durban Comedy Nite cost R150 to R200.