Cope bid to oust JZ falls flat

ATTEMPTS by Cope to pass a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma fell flat in Parliament yesterday.

The motion was supported by the UDM, ID, DA, ACDP and Freedom Front Plus but got the thumbs down from ANC MPs who have a 64percent majority in the house.

"It would be easier (for Cope) to win the Powerball (Lotto) than the Presidency," said Justice Minister Jeff Radebe.

Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu urged Cope parliamentary leader Mvume Dandala to "get out of Cope while you can and serve the church".

The IFP, UCDP leader Lucas Mangope and Themba Godi's APC also opposed the motion, saying Zuma needed time to prove himself.

Outside the Assembly, about 100 Cope members protested, chanting, "You've cheated on your wives, you have embarrassed South Africa, Zuma do the right thing and resign".

Dandala said: "The president has failed this nation by his repeatedly risky sexual behaviour, thus weakening the fight against HIV."

Bantu Holomisa lashed out at Zuma for backing Eskom's bid to borrow R28billion from the World Bank to build a new power station, which will benefit the ANC's front company, Chancellor House.

He accused the ANC of "purposely staging the recent electricity crisis to create a state of panic" for their own benefit.

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe said his party supported the motion because Zuma had failed to take his advice to go for sex addiction therapy.

But Radebe said when Zuma was elected at the ANC 2007 Polokwane Conference, the ANC did not release white smoke into the chimneys at Limpopo University. "We had not elected the pope but a human being," Radebe said.

ID's Patricia de Lille said although Zuma was elected democratically, "he was not elected to do whatever he wants with impunity".