Foods that fight flu and colds

Flu vaccine available March 15 2010, said a notice at a pharmacy last week.

Too little, too late, I mumbled as I sluggishly made my way to the pharmacy counter to pick up the prescribed antibiotics to silence the flu virus that had reduced me to a shivering wreck.

Vitamin C-rich immune boosting homeopathic remedies have pushed their way into supermarkets and pharmacies since the advent of autumn, which will eventually lead to the dreaded flu season.

Tasty remedies

If you fear needles and can't stand the vile taste of flu remedies, tastier remedies are available. These foods are in season in winter and are therefore widely available.

Guavas and citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit are packed with vitamin C.

Red bell peppers can be eaten raw as snacks or in salads and fried lightly in stir-fries. They are rich in vitamin C and also the antioxidant vitamin A.

Ginger and garlic also pump up the immune system to keep niggling coughs and sniffles at bay.

Home-made soups that are loaded with vegetables are not only easy to digest if you are already ill, but are also packed with nutrients. Chicken soup is a great choice.

Tea, especially green and rooibos, will keep you warm, hydrated and also healthy.