Perhaps Zuma must step aside

TO PREVENT fraud, red flags are used as tools to evaluate the imminence of such a process and action taking place. Furthermore, this can be used as a yardstick towards the appointment of prospective leaders or employees.

Applying this to the current leadership, it is obvious that the country has ignored all the red flags and went ahead to appoint Jacob Zuma as the president.

Rather than redeeming himself, Zuma continues to marvel the country through his (mis)leadership style of silent administration in amid real national issues arising.

His spin doctors make every attempts to never account to the nation by offering conflicting statements and never taking responsibility.

Perhaps the president does not have a clue of what presidents actually do.

The recent furore about the president's disclosure of financial and business interest is a case in hand. Disclosure practice is one of the pillars of good (corporate) governance since it builds confidence in leadership through transparency.

As always, Zuma does not know that he needs to disclose and had to waste our money consulting despite his signing the preamble. The country is suddenly governed by committees and task teams because our president does not know what should be done.

Perhaps he should be recalled to make way for better leaders. Several red flags should have been a warning to the country.

Perhaps we should invigorate our proportional representation voting system.

Phillimon Mnisi, Johannesburg