Young must now lead Azapo

IT IS time for a generational change in Azapo's leadership.

From its inception the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) has been led by the SASO generation, the baby boomers who are now slowly going over the hill.

Irrespective of how grateful we are to them for shaping our political thinking and attitudes, it is time they gracefully give way to the Azasm generation to take the movement to greater heights.

There has always been a reluctance to put Azasm in Azapo's leadership. This has led to the Azasm leadership being lost in the political wilderness and mists of life.

It was not for nothing that our adversaries in the 1980s called the BCM     "Amazim-zim" after Azasm. We rocked the country and can still do it.

If we fail to make the change we risk losing the chance to give much-needed vibrancy to our leadership. We also run the risk of losing former Azasm members who are drifting away because they feel there is no role to play in Azapo.

The 1980s Azasm members are now in their forties and early fifties. It is time to bring back much-needed energy and inspiration to Azapo's leadership. Incumbent president Mosibudi Mangena realises this, and so resolutely refuses another term as president.

We have always treated our youth and student structures as a  leadership training ground. We believe the former Azasm leadership is ready to lead Azapo and the country. Jake Dikobo and Nelvis Qekema in the presidency will be the culmination of such a programme.

Kholofelo Mashabela, Limpopo