CONDITIONS in the auction market for trucks have changed. It's no longer purely a buyers' market and the key factors of demand and pricing have moved roughly in to balance, according to Park Village Auctions.

That's the situation setting the scene for the next Park Village trucks auction scheduled to take place next Thursday on March 18, commencing at 10.30am at Park Village Auctions truck yard, Nasrec showgrounds (new entrance next to Gate 2) Rand Show Road.

The sale is made up of leading brand name truck, tractors, trailers, freight carriers, tractors and LDVs, including the likes of Toyota, Volvo, MAN, Freightliner, Scania, DAF, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, International, Iveco, Hendred, Kearney and Paramount while the "yellow metal" equipment includes Bell, JCB and Hyundai as well as agricultural equipment such as New Holland.

The sale will be a "biggie", with what's described as a vast quantity of good stock comprising genuine bank repossessions and liquidations.

PVA says the choice of equipment is similarly extensive and the company anticipates a good turnout judging from the attendances that have been recorded since the start of the New Year, setting the pattern for the rest of the year.

However it's what's happening to pricing that makes for an interesting situation right now.

PVA operations manager LeRoy Augustyn makes the point that it has been a buyer's market for some time now. "That had to do with the economic conditions that have affected all sectors of the transport and logistics industry, not to mention the construction and civils sector.

"But that is beginning to change, obviously as a result of the recovering economy and the benefits of the World Cup, as the demand for all manner of goods and services increases during the lead up to kick off on June 11," says Augustyn.

"But now we find prices and demand roughly in balance, suggesting perhaps that down the line later this year, prices could actually harden. It's a difficult call to make but if that happens, the implications are that current ruling auction prices could be less than prices later in the year.

"In short and without being accused of paddling my own canoe as it were, now would appear to be the time for bidders to get into the truck auction market and secure assets at attractive prices."

For more information call 011-789-4375/6/7 or visit PVA website on www.parkvillageauctions.co.za