System protects the Jub Jubs and Shaiks

ANOTHER human error is going to be treated with velvet gloves just because he is a famous guy with a bright future, while families mourn their loved ones forever.

I was brutalised by racist security guards at the University of Western Cape more than a decade ago and just because I was a nobody, neither the so-called high institution of learning nor the police did anything about it.

This is also how defenceless victims of crime are treated by the so-called justice system.

Just look at Shabir Shaik .

Despite Jub Jub (Molemo Maarohanye) having taken innocent lives, the system will protect him.

He can afford to pay the funeral expenses, but what about the permanent damage the bereaved families will have to endure

What will you do when this happens to you ?

Zandisile Vilakazi, Pretoria