Municipalities need a shake-up

LAST week the media reported that according to the auditor- general's report Tshwane runs the worst municipality in Gauteng. That said, it is a consolation that the municipal manager has been suspended.

In the same week it was also reported that the City of Joburg is bankrupt. The media said the city had overspent in building the World Cup stadium and hosting theMiss World pageant.

Why did the city manager allow the overspending ? Will he be held accountable for this mess or will he be rewarded with a handsome bonus for not doing his job? And where will the overspent money come from?

Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka blasted the Midrand Ratepayers Association for withholding rates and taxes by putting the money in a trust fund account. He called it criminal and accused the "white" body of creating a parallel government.

As far as I know, black townships are the worst payers for municipal services, if they pay at all. This is because of the legacy of apartheid and poverty. And worse, they vandalise and burn public property when they protest.

I have never heard the minister use such strong words as in the Midrand case. Will he act against the City of Jo burg's mismanagement of taxpayer's money? It is time we held municipalities accountable. If there is no political will to deal with this demon we loyal citizens should constructively deal with the matter.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso