This little Corsa feels safe and is a real blast to drive

IN the short time the Opel OPC has been on our roads, it has become somewhat of a cult car in hot-hatch circles.

IN the short time the Opel OPC has been on our roads, it has become somewhat of a cult car in hot-hatch circles.

I have no doubt the new Corsa 1,6 Sport Turbo will follow suit.

The similarities between the two are striking: same dimensions; front suspension and brakes are identical; both have a slick 6-speed gearbox ... the list goes on.

It's under the bonnet, though, that the OPC outshines the 1,6 Sport, but only just.

The Sport pushes out an impressive 110kW and has a claimed top speed of 210kmh which considering its size, is pretty scary.

The interior of the vehicle is nicely decked out. Racing-style seats, leather sport steering wheel and a user-friendly CD-MP3 infotainment package.

Riding on 17-inch mags gives the Sport Turbo a certain attitude, which is thankfully backed up by its performance.

Acceleration is definitely swift, and its ability to duck and dive through the Joburg traffic is something many larger vehicles will admire from a distance with envy.

Driving around town I found it to be a breeze. Its handling was responsive, parking easy and, best of all, fuel consumption a fraction under 8 litres per 100km from its tiny 45-litre tank.

Travelling through a set of twisty corners each day on the way to work was a good test of its handling and suspension.

With the road relatively clear I could push it hard without letting up on the gas. As I swallowed up the road my grin would just keep getting bigger and bigger! Surely that's a good sign?

Safety plays a big part, with ABS brakes and straight-line stability coming standard. Immobiliser, car alarm and air bags are also part of the deal which will set you back R219900.

The Sport Turbo will be targeting a younger market who enjoy its racing-car features. The specially designed seats though felt a bit rigid for normal day-to-day commuting, but I'm sure the youngsters will grin and bear it!

For me I loved the little Corsa for the short time it was on test. It's a blast to drive, feels safe and won't break the bank if you decide to buy one. Isn't that what motoring is all about?