lovely looks, cool to drive

IT MUST be tough being a teacher. You want to teach even if there is nothing to teach anymore.

IT MUST be tough being a teacher. You want to teach even if there is nothing to teach anymore.

Hence, in pure admiration of Peugeot's newly launched 3008, my old high school teacher thought he could teach me a lot about it.

First he corrected me when I told a friend that the 3008 was launched about two weeks ago.

He quickly "corrected" me by saying it was launched two and half weeks ago.

The thing is I understood where he was coming from. He was excited about the fact that a dealership had invited him to test drive one since he is a Peugeot customer.

I also understood his excitement since the 3008 is a lovely car to look at and drive.

My colleague Bruce Fraser attended the launch of this car in Namibia a few weeks ago and raved about it when he returned.

Last week was my turn to road test the 3008. Ours was the 1,6 - petrol THP Executive.

It has a power output of 115kW and 240Nm of torque. Quite honestly, I didn't expect much from this car.

I thought it was just another crossover, not knowing that the French have put in an effort in creating their crossover car.

The minute I saw it I knew it was a winner, it is a beautiful car.

The 3008 has a strong presence and poise. It has what it takes to draw attention.

Like in romantic relationships, first you have to be physically attracted to someone before you ask them out on a date.

With this limited space I have to try to take you through its soul and personality. Like a new partner that we like and think of marrying one day, I took it home.

I mean, to people close to me, friends, sisters and so on. They liked it and strangers whispered: "I like your car my sister."

Only if they knew it belonged to Peugeot SA, I muttered.

Back to my teacher. He insisted that I should make sure that the panaronic sunroof was exposed at all times.

He also insisted that I get out of the car and lock it from outside, so that his friend could see the folding mirrors.

That's why I love teachers. They are fascinating folk.

Please don't ask me what features the car has since I would need lots more space to tell you all about the ABS, EBD and all.

I can assure you this car is packed with all the latest comforts and safety features you need to protect your VIPs and family.

For the model we tested expect to pay R305400. But if you think this one is a bit expensive you can opt for a base model for less than R250000.