Biko, Zuma poles apart

SIPHO Seepe's veiled attack on Bantu Stephen Biko in Sowetan refers.

SIPHO Seepe's veiled attack on Bantu Stephen Biko in Sowetan refers.

In defending what he called President Jacob Zuma's sexual indiscretions, Seepe attacked Biko and nobody in the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) raised a finger.

It took Cope's JJ Tabane to respond to Seepe's poor judgement. Tabane did not defend Biko per se, but responded generally to Seepe's silly article.

Seepe wrote inter alia that Mamphela Ramphele had a baby with a married man. He didn't mention Biko's name, but boldly mentioned Ramphele. It is tantamount to victimising a person because she is a woman. Is it sexism or male chauvinism?

How old were Ramphele and Biko when they had the child?How old was Zuma when he sired a child with Irvin Khoza's daughter and was accused of rape with a close friend's child?

Biko and Ramphele must have been in their 20s, when people's mistakes can be forgiven.

It is even sillier for Seepe to talk about what Mvume Dandala did when he was 17, a juvenile.

Was Seepe not involved in sexual pecadilloes in his teens and 20s? Hasn't it occurred to him that Ramphele and Biko could have been in love before Biko was married since they were together involved in student politics in the late 1960s?

Is he aware that PAC founding president Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe addressed the issue of good behaviour with BCM leaders, including Biko? Seepe also failed to mention that Sobukwe censured Biko on a similar issue and that it was double jeopardy to raise it again. Doesn't he have better things to write about than to be so fawningly obsequious to a character like Zuma at the expense of Biko.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso