Mxit harms job-seekers

I WOULD like to relay this brotherly advice to my fellow youths of this country, especially the digitally inclined.

I have discovered that most of these youngsters are unable to get employment because they use the Mxit language in conversation at home with parents and friends or at varsities.

Mispronouncing words and tongue-twisting the way they do in private conversations happens to let them down when they are interviewed or at the workplace, if they manage to go through the interviews.

It is important that they understand the difference between formal or professional workplace language, and a private one.

I work with a new graduate but her use of language and interaction with customers is horrible. I have to intervene and bite the bullet for her in most cases.

I don't like doing it because she thinks I'm undermining her ability. The root problem is the Mxit that she is heavily into. It blinds her understanding of formal and informal communication, more especially at the workplace.

Please, young people, know what is relevant so that you do not find yourself out in the cold because of technologically modified inventions such as Mxit.

Just imagine a university graduate not knowing the spelling of simple words such as prevent, juggle and peace? These are just a few examples.

What a shame.

Mapo Phaahle wa Mokoena,GaMasemola