A NEW tool in investment has been launched that allows people to invest in unit trusts at a click of a button.

The new system was launched by Investonline in Johannesburg last week.

By logging on to www.investonline.co.za people will be able to invest in a range of unit trusts products.

At the same time the online service provides advice to ensure the investor chooses the fund that best suits his or her specific investment needs via the use of a client risk profiling tool.

Investonline director Rob Lowe said the new service had no upfront fees.

"Our service will provide substantial savings compared with traditional investment advice routes, who would charge between two and three percent upfront," said Lowe.

When you log on to the website you go through the risk profiler which asks you 14 questions.

"After completing the risk questions you are directed to the Investonline.co.za recommended portfolio of 3/4 unit trust funds," he said.

When you have made your selection you then have to fill in an Allan Gray application form online which you are required to sign and fax to Investonline.co.za.

"When the application has been approved the money is then deducted from the investor's account by the administrators Allan Gray," he said.

A minimum saving of R2000 premium is allowed for a unit trust paid monthly and R20000 for a once-off lump sum investment payment.

If you invest a R100000 for 10 years at 15percent interest, the returns at the end of the decade for a unit trust on Investonline.co.za will be 12percent higher than the traditional return.