Something wrong in Durban

NINETY-SIX days to go and Durban is sleeping again.

NINETY-SIX days to go and Durban is sleeping again.

Google Earth is a very good marketing tool that many South African cities are using to profile themselves to tourists coming to our country for the World Cup.

I am disappointed that Google Earth satellite images of Durban are those of the city before the Moses Mabhida Stadium was built and long before the contractors moved on site at the new King Shaka Airport.

Amazingly, Cape Town and Johannesburg's latest development images are shown. Satelite images of their stadiums are complete and beautiful. Their roads, rail and other new major infrastructure are clearly showcased to attract tourists and this indicates their state of readiness.

Durban is sleeping, again! I have in the past raised a number of issues about this city's official websites, name of the new airport, street name changes and so forth. Each time I raise these thorny issues there is not even a one-line response from the powers that be.

Please don't give me that mumbo-jumbo: ".we don't conduct our business through the media".

I appeal to KZN Tourism, Durban Tourism and everyone with Durban's interest at heart to stand up and do something about this shameful state of affairs. Otherwise the people of Durban will always come after Cape Town and Jo burg.

First the International Broadcast Centre went to Joburg, then the final draw went to Cape Town. Durban is hosting only seven matches while Cape Town and Nelson Mandela Bay are hosting eight matches each.

Yes, Moses Mabhida Stadium might be one of the best stadiums for this world event, but listen carefully to comments by Fifa about Cape Town Stadium being compact without a running-track in mind for the future. One need not be a rocket scientist to see that something is not working well in Durban.

Siyabonga Seme, Cape Town