Pure passion, style and grace

THEY are young and vibrant and the perfect musical choice for any event.

They call themselves Sweet Voice Masters and are fast making their mark in the world of music.

The group's uniqueness lies in the fact that they can switch easily between the various music genres - from light opera to ballads to traditional music.

They are very popular and have been invited to sing at many functions . Their performances exude passion, style and grace.

The group of seven young women and men started their music careers in 2003.

The three females and four males are all former pupils of Botse-Botse High School in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.

They are all at present studying piano and theory at Unisa .

Sweet Voice Masters performed with the Manhattan Brothers when the American group toured South Africa in 2006.

They also recently performed at the annual thanksgiving dinner of the American Chamber of Commerce and Independence Day festivities at the Tunisian embassy.

They are at present busy filming a business reality show for SABC TV, which will be screened on SABC1 early in July.

Kenridge Semangwe, the baritone of the group, says they have been been invited by Rotary International to perform in New York and Los Angeles.

Sweet Voice Masters are also negotiating with David Gresham Records in Johannesburg to record their first CD.

"Our families were initially not convinced that it was the right type of music we had decided to pursue," Group leader Semangwe says.

"But after seeing us perform at several concerts around Soshanguve, they gave us their blessings and support."

Sweet Voice Masters, who is experiencing financial problems, were delighted when Ivory Schlain, SA Design School and Bumbo came to their rescue and sponsored some of their musical ventures.

Semangwe says: "Our hope is to provide a platform for other young people and to equip them for a future in the field of music and other art forms.

"We want to provide as many young people as possible with the necessary guidance, training, schooling and whatever else it requires to empower them to develop to their full potential."