Parlotones turn to black audience

TOP South African rock group the Parlotones are determined to take their unique brand of music from the suburbs to the townships.

Nominated last Thursday for three Sama Awards - including MTN Record of the Year - the group are hopes their hit single, Push Me To The Floor, will be the song that gets them a following among the black youth.

Lead singer Kahn Morbee - sporting his traditional tight jeans (which he says are ladies') - is realistic about the band's chances when the Sama's come around later this month.

"There are so many of us and we might not even make it to the top five," he said

He said the Parlotones wrote their own songs and were inspired by 60s rock band The Beatles.

"It will be nice if we win the Album of the Year because it is our work," he said.

Speaking to Sowetan at a northern suburbs café Morbee sprang another surprise during our brief interview.

"I wish I was a Zulu and I confidently support President Jacob Zuma as our leader and I will judge him for what he has done for our country at the end of his term," he said.

The band has enjoyed plenty of exposure on TV because of their recent adverts for KFC. They will next perform live on April 18 for Live Earth - a concert to raise awareness of the global water crises.