Juju taking Zuma down

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has either lost the plot or just does not seem to get it.

 Our champion of culture will surely tell you that in his younger days errant kids were whipped into line before you could say hau.

Today the brats can rush to a police station if a parent or teacher threatens to lift a finger.

This is partly why our children don't care a hoot about homework. Those already rotten go as far as showing the middle finger when you shout stop it.

In the case of South Africa a certain Julius Malema has tied even the ruling party in knots. The president has and continues to spare the rod, while Juju Baby runs roughshod over all and sundry.

Small wonder there is talk of a plot to oust the president as head of the ANC.

Anybody with grey matter between the ears knows Malema urgently needs adult supervision.

Yet the president dithers no end, despite the baggage Malema has already heaped on his shoulders. Zuma has forgotten that rich saying: "manners maketh man".

The disrespectful and tactless ANC Youth League leader has told everybody who tried to rein him in, including Zuma, where to get off.

His "dare me if you can" attitude has not only eroded Zuma's authority, it is hammering at the ANC - setting nationalists against communists. Given that the ANC rules, the country is also affected.

Zuma either steps in now or faces the prospect of being the ANC and South Africa's worst leader.