Glover calls for boycott of Hugo Boss

Danny Glover Asks Hollywood To Boycott Hugo Boss Tonight.

Danny Glover Asks Hollywood To Boycott Hugo Boss Tonight.

With the Oscars that were going to take place at the weekend, actor Danny Glover sent a letter to the nominees and presenters urging them not to wear Hugo Boss.

The reason behind Glover's boycott was due to Hugo Boss shutting down their Cleveland-based plant at the end of April, which will result in 400 people losing their jobs. His letter explains: "The workers are productive and the plant is profitable, but Hugo Boss has decided it can make even more profit by moving the production to Turkey or Eastern Europe.

"Hugo Boss says it wants to expand business in this country, and the brand depends on Hollywood cachet. Please tell the world you won't be wearing Hugo Boss on March 7."

Danny is also reaching out to Hollywood's A-Listers like George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Renner and Sean Penn to wear a "Keep the Hugo Boss Plant Open" pin on their tuxedos.

So what does Hugo Boss have to say about this? In a statement they addressed the closing, saying:

"The Cleveland Hugo Boss facility is not globally competitive. Hugo Boss tried in vain to find ways to make it globally competitive, and when that effort failed, we acted in the best interests of shareholders and customers by deciding to close the facility."

We think this is going to be a hard battle for Glover to win, but keep fighting the good fight.

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