Protesters have valid case

I WONDER why people are surprised that Julius Malema has enriched himself.

I WONDER why people are surprised that Julius Malema has enriched himself.

The fact that he was willing to kill for Jacob Zuma connects the dots as far as I'm concerned. The only reason you want to kill for someone is when that person means a lot to you, regardless of their record.

An ANC supporter stated that they only support Zuma to find themselves "in", meaning in a position to benefit from deals.

This clearly shows that there is no longer a situation in which people vote because of politics, but just for the politics of the stomach.

It is sad, though ,and actually very worrying because the protesters we see every day on the streets are regarded as ruthless by people who do not have a clue of the conditions under which these people live. We all have to pay attention.

I know that these violent protests are a result of being fed up with sitting around negotiating tables with councillors and mayors.

Ironically, the people are always expected to negotiate and inform councillors about their grievances that are related to their living conditions.

Are councillors not part of those particular communities which voted them into power?

For instance, in the case of Sebokeng, everyone asks the question: why are the roads still in a terrible condition.

You would know and be aware of these conditions only if you go into these communities. If you have never been there your ignorance and judgmental attitude towards the protests will be pardoned.

If the same priority given to the Fifa World Cup is given to issues of underdevelopment across the country, with poor people enjoying a huge stake in the democratic process, violent protests would be history.

Dipuo Setshedi, Soweto