Media hellbent on ruining ANC

I HAVE a problem with the manner in which the media is fussing about politicians and tenders. I feel the media are being used and are intentionally trying to discredit the ANC and the government by pushing a dirty agenda of witch-hunting against the present leadership.

South Africa's media, which is mostly controlled by capitalist whites, is hellbent on destroying the powerful black ANC.

Not only whites, but also disgruntled blacks such as Justice Malala, Mosiuoa Lekota, "Mr. anti-maintenance" Mbhazima Shilowa and so-called political intellectuals are to blame.

The issue about Julius Malema is just a political ploy masterminded by those who see him as a stumbling block on their path to corrupt activities. Angry opposition politicians see him as a strong mouthpiece of the powerful and vibrant ANC Youth League.

It is a pity that journalists fight politicians' wars. Does the media say when you are a politician, especially of the ANC, you and your family must not benefit from BBBEE? Does this mean that when a woman marries a powerful ANC member she should not or should never qualify to be her own boss through BBBEE benefits?

That only Shilowa and others who own vineyards and farms are allowed to benefit, because they are prepared to sell our country to their madam Zille?

ANC cadres must rest assured. We fought for this and we will benefit from our sweat and blood. We must unite and destroy the opposition-friendly media, whatever it takes.

Gift Ziya, Edenvale