Celebs get a dressing down

JUST like in the US we SA journalists and party girls have been attending many award ceremonies this season.

JUST like in the US we SA journalists and party girls have been attending many award ceremonies this season.

Like the crazy Hype Awards that saw celebs dress up like ladies of the night when not grinning at folk in platinum wigs.

Think of Dineo Ranaka as Lady Gaga on a budget, and Khanyi Mbau in long "hooker" boots reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. At the Saftas, celebs arrived in various ensembles that made us shake our heads in shock.

But we girls, who never sleep, are not here to diss celebs but to help them look like they have stylists on and off the big screen. We are helping them for future awards like the Samas, or the Naledi Awards that take place on Sunday at the State Theatre. The Naledi Awards' dress code is "glamorous for camera" and they definitely don't mean these outfits: Take tips celebs.

lJohn Kani looked great in a red shirt for the corner shop but not for an award ceremony. His partner looked like she was wearing her granddaughter's dress.

lBonang of Live showed that simplicity is key and so did Uyanda Mbuli and Sonia Sedibe in the couture dresses with embellishment.

lSeputla Sebogodi (aka Kenneth Mashaba) is a very talented man but, with his complexion, black and red are a bit too hard.

lSophie Ndaba must remember that the dress must not rule you. If you are going to wear a dress with a long tail then you should be able to walk in it without causing attention to yourself. Good thing that she had a personal assistant to help.

Poor self-proclaimed politician Thami Kotlolo, who organised the Feather Awards, was spotted lifting Ndaba's frock all the way from the beginning of the red carpet.

Other misses we have to share:

Khanyi Mbau looked like a lucky-packet toy in the cheap looking dress at the J&B Met.

Tu Nokwe: She looked like she was going to a church meeting.

Red carpet glamour is about glamour, people, and about couture dresses that suit your body without making you look overdressed or underdressed.

lWe girls love a scandal, so it was a great pleasure to bump into Joelle Kayembe recently at a party. We spotted her looking wonderful in pink and, no, she is not taking Steven who is a model. That would be like saying Babalwa Mneno is dating Nthato Mashishi - which never happened.