Rural life is improved by programme

THE development of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme is anchored in agrarian transformation, rural development and land reform.

The first phase focuses on breaking the back of hunger to meet basic human needs. The second is the entrepreneurial development stage, characterised by relatively larger-scale infrastructure development and the third is characterised by the emergence of small, micro and medium enterprises and village markets.

The launch of the programme (CRDP) in Muyexe in Limpopo in August 2009, followed by pilots in all the provinces, is contributing to the creation of work in rural areas.

It is inexplicable that people can expect heaven in 10 months. Reports are painting a very gloomy picture of the CRDP. I can't understand how a journalist could have gone to Muyexe and not seen the clinic. There was no clinic there before, but now nurses are running it eight hours a day, five days a week.

I don't know how the journalist could have missed the satellite police station where there was none before. I can't understand how he could have missed the new packing shed operating with drip irrigation in the newly-built pump house.

About 150 gardens were fenced off for people to produce food. Schools have been renovated with new sanitation blocks. And how did he not see the 318 completed houses and boreholes linked to communal water points?

South Africans want vibrant and sustainable rural communities. The CRDP is the vehicle to take us there. Land reform is also making a positive impact in Muyexe .

Tshepo Diale, Ga-Rankuwa