Let your kitchen express your personality

PICKING the perfect colour for your kitchen is a difficult decision to make.

PICKING the perfect colour for your kitchen is a difficult decision to make.

Painting a kitchen is time consuming, especially if there are a lot of little nooks. While you might feel that there are so many colour choices, you could end up feeling that there are so many choices that you don't know where to start.

Anne Roselt, colour manager at Plascon, recommends that you ask yourself these questions when choosing a colour.

What is the mood I want to create in the kitchen? Energetic or relaxing or perhaps both?

Is it a small kitchen or big kitchen? Warm colours advance, making a room look smaller whereas cool light colours recede, making a room appear larger.

Is it a hot or cold kitchen? Warm colours will make the kitchen feel hotter and vice versa.

What are my favourite colours? This is most important because the kitchen needs to express the personality of those that spend time in it. Choose colours that make the occupants feel comfortable and happy to spend time in this space.

"On the trend front, we are seeing organic, friendly and creative colours being used in kitchens. Very on trend right now are natural colours being used as a base with bursts of red, orange and yellow in the kitchen," Roselt says.

Reds and oranges are energy colours, which increase the appetite and aid digestion. They also stimulate conversation and create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

For inspiration Roselt advises people to use the Eastern Promise palette, which is in. This palette contains colours such as Burnt Horizon and Rich Amber. Roselt says these colours create a warm, sociable and creative environment.

Another good neutral colour from that palette Roselt is forecasting is Ivory Parchment.

"You can still add accents of colour, like a large glass bowl filled with oranges," she says.

Also popular are neutral, earthy tones coupled with blue or aqua to create a more sophisticated feel.

"Blues are said to suppress the appetite, they are relaxing and refreshing so this may be a good choice if that is the mood you would like to create," Roselt says.