Racists still rule justice system

TWO events this week have left me flabbergasted.

The case in the Gauteng high court in Tshwane by AfriForum revolves around the confiscation of land owned by South Africans in Zimbabwe.

The confiscation was part of the land redistribution programme that has been under way in that country for a number of years. The local court brought the Zimbabwean laws under scrutiny by making a finding for a case in another sovereign country.

A white judge presided in a case brought by a racist organisation on behalf of white farmers. Cases like these illustrate the extent to which we need to speedily reform and transform our judicial system. We can ignore these justice system malfunctions for fear of being intimidated that we are playing the race card or confront the realities in such cases.

Our justice system is being subverted, otherwise how does one explain the vehement attacks on black appointments such as Menzi Simelane, John Hlophe and Mokotedi Mpshe?

Reactionary parties and so-called white legal experts have been unrelenting in pursuing cases to make sure that these esteemed appointments are reversed or do not occur at all.

I doubt they are coincidental as there seems to be a pattern to maintain the status quo and use the judicial system to fight battles that will never be won in a political system.

This is a covert subversion of justice, which is only accessible to the monied and privileged.

Another case is the ruling on affirmative action of SAPS captain Renate Barnard.

Patrick Rampai, Klerksdorp