Naming him is dangerous

BY naming the man she says raped her Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu opens herself to a possible civil case against her.

Constitutional expert Shadrack Gutto said: "From a human point of view one understands her actions but legally making an allegation of criminal doing against a person where no legal procedure or investigation is taking place can do lots of damage."

Ghutto said though the blind Deputy Minister of Public Works did not break any law, she should have opened a case against her alleged rapist to avoid being sued for defamation or crimen injuria.

Meanwhile, human rights activist Mbuyiseni Botha of Men's Forum said the organisation fully supported Bogopane-Zulu's actions.

"In fact, we should all applaud her for coming out into the open about her ordeal, considering her standing in society."

Commission for Gender Equality's Javu Baloi said they were happy that Bogopane-Zulu spoke out about the alleged rape.

He said it would be unfair for people to be hard on her for revealing the name of the alleged rapist.