People wanted street named after Modise

I COMPLETELY disagree with the writer who wants the street named after the Reverend FS Modise to be reversed.

He wrote that he gets annoyed and angry each time he enters the street. That does not mean that his opinions are shared by people who reside in and use the street on a daily basis.

After all, he uses the street once in a while because he moved to another place. I don't live in Soweto and Meadowlands, to be precise, but I happen to know about this great son of the soil.

He was a great religious leader who assisted millions, even outside the borders of South Africa, who later became his followers.

His contribution to the ordinary citizens of this country is beyond question. The writer should not become personal because he knows Modise from the back yard and that should not overshadow all his contributions.

I do not mind when a credible leader who made a difference to people's lives is acknowledged, but am mindful of the fact that we are still sitting with dubious names of buildings, bridges, streets, towns, and so on of people who directly contributed to the atrocities of the past.

The writer might also be living in a street to that community but keeps quiet about it because it does not matter anyway, who cares?

Renaming is based on popular opinion and I do not think the formations that participated were influenced by either an individual or the church he led.

I disagree with the writer when he asks who decided Vincent Road should be named after Modise? Before the democratic dispensation names were given without consulting affected communities. The situation is different today.

Leave the name change.

Kwena Manamela, Moletjie