ANC fat cats milking state

IT IS about time that the spotlight fell on the "fat cats" of the government and those who think they are the government.

It always amazed me when I attended functions as part of the Tony Leon preparation team and he would arrive in a white economical vehicle of no status and people from another party would arrive in BMW's and Mercedes-Benz's. Clearly, they have found themselves right at home in the ruling party.

I think credit needs to be given to Leon. In the worst times he refused a body guard or driver paid for by the state. He was the leader of the official opposition and had many more threats directed at him than the raving youth nationalist communist (who seems to own two houses and two cars). He is not even in the government, only the leader of the ruling party's youth.

One should question whether state protection should be reserved for those threatened for defending ideology and democracy for the betterment of society over those who antagonise and cause chaos wherever they go for selfish purposes?

If the newspapers are to be believed, and I cannot see why not, it is amazing that a man can amass so many assets in such a short time. Compared with an aged person with a professional degree, it seems that the best paying job is the ANC youth league leader.

Minister Pravin Gordhan might want to do a short calculation and work out how much of the taxpayers' money is used for corruption, protection, salaries and lawsuits of non-government employees and then work out how much is taken away from the basic necessities of everyday operations of the state in clinics, housing and job creation.

I am sure, without exaggeration, that you will find the Pareto-principle of 20 percent of the fat cats are directly or indirectly responsible for 80 percent of wasteful expenditure.

Councillor Darren Bergman, DA Safety spokesperson,Johannesburg