Dealer gives car sellers run-around

IF YOU are thinking of selling your vehicle Planet Wheels should not be one of the dealers you have in mind.

IF YOU are thinking of selling your vehicle Planet Wheels should not be one of the dealers you have in mind.

The company has failed to pay more than 73 clients who sold their cars through them.

All these consumers said Planet Wheels sold their vehicle and pocketed the proceeds instead of paying it to them as agreed.

Most said they had wanted to improve their financial situation when they sold their cars but instead landed in serious financial troubles.

One of the victims, Gift Lehapa of Moletsane in Soweto, said he had wanted to sell his car so that he could assist his father to erect outbuildings and a garage at their home.

He placed an advert on Junk Mail and before he knew it Planet Wheels called him to offer to sell the vehicle on his behalf. Lehapa he accepted the offer and delivered his VW Polo to the company's premises last October.

He said a salesperson, known to him only as Brian, promised to sell his car within 14 days and make payment within 30 days.

Lehapa said the car was sold for R100000, though he was told it could only be sold for about R85000.

Planet Wheels has since registered Lehapa' s car in another person's name though they still owe him .

The dealership later asked for an extension of the payment date and promised to pay Lehapa his money at the end of last month. But this has not happened.

Wayne Goosen, had a similar experience. Planet Wheels sold his vehicle for R105000 and he too is still battling to get his money.

Goosen's vehicle was sold in early December. He received confirmation from salesperson Jenny Gouws that his car had been sold and that he would be paid before Christmas.

But by December 22 Goosen was unable to get in contact with Gouws.

"Phoning the salesperson did not help because at the time she no longer worked for Planet Wheels," he said.

Goosen spoke to the sales manager, who promised to pay him but this has not been done either.

Riaan Prinsloo is also battling to get his R100000 from Planet Wheels. He saidthe company seemed to be rolling over money.

"They are paying sellers with other sellers' money," he said.

Prinsloo said his car was sold six months ago and he should have been paid R250000, but was only given R150000 in three installments.

"I mean, how long is reasonable for payment after an estimated 30 days?" he asked.

Prinsloo said the Linden police station would not take his case saying it was a civil matter.

Consumer Line discovered that there were more than 70 consumers who had logged their complaints with, which is an online customer service site.

All consumers who posted their complaints on have been ripped off in a similar way. They expected payments that range from R55000 to R250000.

Another victim, Naeem Peter, has warned other would-be sellers not to consider going to Planet Wheels.

"I wish I never did! But don't take my word for it - look at all the other complaints on," he said.

Peter appealed to people who might still have their cars standing on the company's premises to remove them before it was too late.

Consumer Line spoke to a sales manager who only introduced himself as Darryl. He claimed one of his partners stole the clients' money.

He said they were not running away with their clients' money and have made arrangements to pay the money in installments.

"A number of customers have been affected. I know this has hurt a lot of people and we are trying to resolve this. We have also taken the matter to court and will eventually pay all our clients," he said.

He then promised to pay Lehapa and the other clients by last Friday but by yesterday he had not do so. Consumer Line was unable to contact him.