'Council jobs sold for cash'

A MUSINA councillor and a former municipality employee have been arrested for allegedly selling Limpopo government jobs and possessing an illegal firearm.

Musina police spokes- person Inspector Sydney Ringane said the two were arrested on Monday after a police investigation linked them to fraudulent activities.

He said the two were investigated by the crime intelligence unit after they were suspected of charging money for government jobs.

Ringane said the former council employee, who worked as a human resources officer, resigned his position as when he realised police were investigating him.

The councillor, however, seems to have been oblivious of his pending arrest.

Municipal spokesperson Wilson Dzebu confirmed the arrests but refused to be drawn into revealing details.

According to police, the arrests come weeks after job seekers were allegedly forced to bribe a council official so that they could be hired for an advertised road traffic police training programme.

The traffic training programme is a government initiative aimed at poverty alleviation.

The programme is aimed at people from very poor backgrounds and communities.

But officials in Musina allegedly abuse the system for personal gain and force eligible beneficiaries to pay a sum of R1000 to be considered for the programme.

Police said the suspects were still waiting to be charged yesterday, while further allegations of elephant tusk smuggling surfaced against the two as well.