Sono must fire himself as Cosmos coach

JOMO Cosmos needs miracles to win their remaining three matches and to sustain themselves in the PSL.

It is true that Jomo Sono is a living legend who claims to have soccer balls running in his veins. But every lover of football has been hoping that he will fire himself as a coach if he is serious about running Cosmos professionally.

Some soccer experts see Sono as an academy that unearths talent, polishes it and then sells it. What his fans fail to understand is that running a PSL club is different to operating a school of development.

Luck alone is not enough. I truly respect Sono for his experience and awards, but football is not static . Formations and tactics change all the time.

Cosmos' log position indicates that Sono is still holding on to old tactics and formations. It is clear that the coach has run out of ideas and it is high time that he leave Cosmos.

I do not want to skin Sono alive, but miracles, not bonuses and prayers, are required to help Cosmos escape relegation.

They will campaign in the national first division next season.

Tshidino Ndou, Tshakhuma