Premier Mathale deserves apology

ON Friday February 19 your newspaper implied that Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale had lied to the nation in his state of the province address.

Mathale said the government had built more than 321 houses in Muyexe as part of the rural development pilot project in that village. Without checking the facts with the relevant department or the premier's office, your reporter immediately saw red.

He wrote that only 231 houses had been built. He forgets that since the last time he visited Muyexe work had been continuing.

By Thursday February 18, when the premier spoke, 324 homes had been roofed and completed. We challenge your reporter to visit the area and prove us wrong.

I think you will agree with me that implying that the premier had lied to the nation and the province is a very serious matter. We accordingly demand an apology.

In his speech the premier also said that the province had for the first time built more than 16000 homes in a single financial year. Your reporter, for reasons best known to himself, chose to ignore this. We wonder why?

In the spirit of Batho Pele our government will continue to put our people first, accelerate the pace of service delivery in general and continue to build good quality homes.

This is what we owe our people, despite what the likes of your reporter will say.

Clayson Monyela, Limpopo housing departmentspokesperson