mud blockade

MORE than 65 teachers from schools around Mokwakwaila and GaMokgwathi villages in Bolobedu have again failed to reach their schools.

This time after a heavy-duty truck carrying bricks blocked the road yesterday, preventing their bus from passing through.

The truck from Zebediela, near Lebowakgomo, got stuck in the mud in the early hours of yesterday while it was transporting bricks to nearby villages.

This forced the driver of the bus that was ferrying the teachers to their respective schools to make a U-turn as it was impossible for it to pass through.

Some teachers said some of them managed to reach their schools after they got lifts from passing motorists, but tthat others could not get lifts and had to return home. This is the second incident of this nature in a week.

On Monday, the same bus that transports the teachers to the area got stuck in the mud on the same route at GaMoroko village, and the teachers arrived late at their schools.

The teachers have appealed to the Limpopo government to tar the road to avoid further such incidents.

A spokesperson for the Greater Letaba Municipality, Vyida Rakubu, said they were aware of the problems but that nothing could be done immediately to improve the situation.

He said they would, meanwhile check how best they could improve the condition so that teachers would not have to miss school because of impassable roads.