Mandela dedicated his life to mankind

TWENTY years ago South Africans were rescued from the jaws and tentacles of oppression. Two gallant men saved us from a racial holocaust of epic proportions. They were our beloved Nelson Mandela and astute and pragmatic FW De Klerk.

Madiba is a well-known, inspiring man to all cultures of the world. It was him who prevented a bloodbath. We will always remember the rod and the yoke of the oppressor, the horrors of naked racism. As we reflect on history, we know that we never forget lest what is forgotten is repeated. Have we already gone back to our complacent lives, tacitly accepting the corrupt and oppressive values of our society? Or are we striving to live out our covenant promises, expressing solidarity with the poor and the destitute?

Mandela went to prison in his fight for a free society. He taught us that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Not to seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred .

Mandela is the greatest man alive today. A universal man who combines in perfect balance the supreme qualities of an idealist and a doer. From early in his life he was a man apart, with every energy of soul and body dedicated to the service of mankind. Not once was there the temptation of revenge.

Mandela beckoned his people to steer to the shore of self-respect and pride, away from the shoals of degradation and the badge of inferiority fastened onto them. One can believe that as long as men and women inhabit the earth, Mandela will continue to be a presence among them.

Farouk Araie