Find out what men want women to know

METRO FM is gearing itself for its exhilarating 7th annual multi-faceted Women's Show.

The show, which is in its third year running, will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from tomorrow until Sunday.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy several celebrity-led presentations .

Metro FM spokesperson Gesh Conco says this year's show promises to be bigger and more exciting than the last year's, which was held at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg and attracted hundreds of women professionals and nonprofessionals.

"We are planning to empower women with women-oriented activities," Conco says.

"Not only that, but we are going to let women in on what men think the women in their lives should know."

Conce says that the myriad exciting discoveries at the show will ensure that women not only leave each day equipped with lots of relevant goodies - but with sound advice on how they can live phenomenal lives in all spheres of their lives; as mothers, lovers, businesswomen, nurturers and leaders.

Conco says the Women's Show is one of the avenue the station uses to address the imbalances in South Africa's history.

"The SABC is committed to equal opportunities for all and South African women and post the democratic elections, they have emerged as beacons in whatever venture they embark on," she says.

There will also be relevant topics delivered by various Metro FM personalities.

The roster contains individuals such as radio personalities Penny Lebyane, Ismael Abrahams, Sakina Kamwendo and Criselda Kananda.

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