Right winner claims R91m jackpot

THE real winner of PowerBall's R91million jackpot finally stepped forward yesterday, ending speculation that surrounded South Africa's biggest-ever jackpot.

National Lottery operator Gidani ended speculation by having the coupon of the self-proclaimed winner, Stanley Philander, faxed and verified.

Gidani chairperson Bongani Khumalo confirmed yesterday that the right winner had presented herself to Gidani's offices.

Philander, a 52-year-old deaf cleaner from Wynberg in Western Cape, made news over the last three days when his picture was shown in a Sunday newspaper as the winner.

But it turned out that Philander was a "hoax".

"Philander's ticket was faxed to us and we discovered that he had actually bought his ticket on Saturday, a day after the PowerBall jackpot was announced, making his ticket only valid for tonight's (Tuesday) draw," Khumalo said.

"We can confirm that the much-publicised winner, Stanley Philander, has not come and presented himself as a winner and neither has his wife Diana," he said.

Khumalo confirmed that a 43-year-old mother of two, from Western Cape, had presented herself and was confirmed by Gidani as the winner of the R91million PowerBall jackpot.

Khumalo said the woman did not want to go public.

"I have spoken to the (real) winner on the phone. She is a mature and stable woman and I have confidence that she and her husband will use the money appropriately," he said.

The pair run a medium-size business and did not plan to change their lives drastically.