A real pleasure

AH, for the pleasures of a simple man!

AH, for the pleasures of a simple man!

We can all derive a world of good from taking a leaf from the unpretentious book of Vuyisile Jonono, a 92 year-old man who has lived his whole life on a goat and ostrich farm near Grahamstown.

With 13 grandchildren from his four kids, Jonono could easily have continued with his life of a rural farmhand. Instead he leapt at the chance to learn to read and write - and it was worth the effort.

"When I collect my pension I used to make a cross like others, now I write my full name," he said. "It makes me feel very good about myself".

Jonono epitomises the truism that one is never to old to learn.

Credit should also go to Media Works, the non-governmental organisation that has helped Jonono and many others enjoy this simple pleasure many of us take for granted.