Stylish and expensive cars up for grabs

SOUTH Africans may be buying more new cars but used vehicles, and auction vehicles in particular, are still king, according to Park Village as the firm shapes up for its next car sale.

The sale takes place on Wednesday February 24, at Gate 5, Nasrec showgrounds, Landbou Street, Johannesburg South, commencing at 10.30am. And it's going to be a "biggy" featuring the customary lineup of vehicles supplied by banks, liquidators and creditors, says PVA's Clive Lazarus.

"South Africans have totally accepted the benefits of auction vehicles and the trend towards used vehicles is still very much intact, even as the economy begins to recover, Lazarus said.

"Firstly, it's well-known that new cars depreciate the moment they leave the show room floor while used vehicles have already taken the price "knock", so you get real value for money.

"Secondly, the old argument that buying an auction vehicle is a bit of a gamble does not stand up to scrutiny and certainly not in PVA's case.

"We deal in nothing other than genuine bank repossessions, many of which are low mileage models in good nick, frequently still with their motor plans intact and with full service histories available.

"Thirdly, you have enormous choice under one roof at one of our auction venues - it's no longer a case of 'schlepping' from dealer to dealer to try and find the vehicle of your dreams. And you have every opportunity to inspect an auction vehicle without being pressured by a sales person.

"Moreover, just as with any other vehicle purchase, finance can be arranged in most cases at rates that are entirely comparable with new car facilities, so that too is no longer an issue."

"The bottom line in this scenario is that ordinary consumers and businesses of all shapes and sizes are far more circumspect about over-extending themselves with debt on expensive new vehicles and just as importantly, the old view that you were buying downmarket by acquiring an auction vehicle no longer holds true and in fact it's now accepted as the smart thing to do.

"Finally there is the security aspect in that a vehicle acquired from PVA is certain to be untainted by any dubious criminal history. Whichever way you cut it, auction vehicles make sense."

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