You can tell if someone is hot in bed

B EING good in the bed is a skill that a few are born with.

Some learn to master it but an unfortunate few just never learn at all. Is it possible to tell if somebody is good or sucks in bed before test-driving?

According to John Reed a sexologist in Cape Town, you can sometimes, based on certain observations, tell if someone will be a good shag.

Reed claims that by observing a person's body language and sexual signals closely you can find out if your lust object will be boring or exciting in bed before you even say hello - if you know what to look for.

"Investing in a partner (sexually speaking) is much like buying a new car. The first thing is checking out the car looking through the assortment for a particular model that superiorly appeals," he says. points the following signs as obvious signs she's hot in bed:

l Body Language

If a woman is comfortable in her skin while shuffling down the street, you can count on her ability to carry this over to the sack, according to the website.

If a woman is confident, her shoulders will be thrown back during long, forward strides, her breasts will be raised instead of hidden beneath hunched shoulders and her hips will thoughtlessly sway.

She should resemble a sensual feline in human attire - with flexible limbs and fluid movements. Women unaware of their bodies display stricter movements, walking quickly, forehead to the ground, arms awkwardly stuck out beside their tensed torsos.

The site goes on to say that a sexually well-versed woman is relaxed. She does not scurry in haste or sit in a chair with her legs uncrossed.

She moves as a goddess granted supernatural sexual powers. Look at the way she touches herself when smoothing her hair from her shoulders or straightening her blouse.

If her hands are calmly opened and gently touch her skin without hindrance of self-consciousness, they'll similarly touch you.

lShe's a good kisser

It takes all kinds. If you like the way she kisses you, then she's good for you.

l She's a good dancer

Even if you're not, the way she moves her body vertically may be an indicator of her horizontal skills.

lShe's flexible

Look for open body language at the hips. It's just that obvious. One study in Belgium revealed that sexologists could guess a woman's orgasmic ability 80percent of the time by the way she walked.

It's all about energy, so if the hips are loose and the stride long, the sexual response is good. And this isn't too much of a surprise - the strut says a lot. People who like being in their bodies will like being in your body. So if someone is comfy in their own skin chances are that's just how they will be in the bedroom. Women who take small steps and keep their legs crossed tightly all the time aren't going to just open up overnight.

The same goes for guys who close their bodies when they sit, and hunch their shoulders - protecting their hearts.

But guys who stand up straight, exposing their chests and hips in alignment know where their power-centre is - and how to use it.

Women who let their curves swivel and their legs extend when they walk will be able to wrap their legs around you.

lShe eats it up

Take note of how she handles her food. Watch how she uses her fork. Does she enjoy things? Is she sensuous? Is she poky and grabby? If someone eats slowly, it's likely that they like to make love for a long time.

lTheir past!

People who have a healthy relationship with their own sexual past are usually able to bring it into the bedroom.

But people who have feelings of shame around sex usually have issues around intimacy.

This can lead to very abbreviated explanations of past relationships and sexual encounters.

But people who know the sex was great because they are great at sex talk about past lovers.

They also have a healthy understanding of the separation between sex and intimate love. They see sex as a great activity that is a part of intimacy with the right person.

The way they talk about their past is the way they are talking about themselves. If they are enriched by their experiences, all the better for you. But if they are secretive about their past, there's something they don't want you to know.