Our winners for February 14

SOWETAN online ran a Valentine's Day competition. These are the five winners:

Palesa and her man Lehlohonolo Matalala:

l Palesa dated Lehlohonolo for 12 years before they got married.

"God gave us strength to get married on November 1 2008.

"Lehlohonolo was retrenched a month before our wedding so we never had the chance to go on a honeymoon."

Palesa is still the breadwinner, but she does not mind.

"Lehlohonolo is the best thing that ever happened to me." she said.

l Michael Mona admitted he was normally not too romantic on this day.

"I've been thinking a lot about the way we have celebrated the day in the past. Faith is such a romantic person and has enjoyed the occasion, whereas I'm the opposite.

"We haven't celebrated the day in years. I feel my girlfriend would still like to acknowledge it in some way.

"When we started dating, Valentine's Day meant roses, chocolates, handmade gifts, poems and a candlelight dinner.

"I was always touched by her thoughtfulness but sadly I never felt I reciprocated to the extent that Faith deserves," said Michael.

l William and Francina Mogoroshi overcame many challenges but are still in love.

They married in August 2007 after dating since 1995."What makes her special is that she's a loving person. She's the most patient person I know," said William.

l Vusi Sampula battled to organise something special for his wife Nosipho, whom he married 20 years ago. He entered our Valentine's Day competition to show her how much he appreciates her.

"She has been my pillar of my strength, enabling me to get my degree. I now hold a top position because of her encouragement," Vusi said.

Nosipho and Vusi have three children.

l Mpho Mokonyane said her partner Aldaine Miles Pieters deserved this gift because he was there for her when they lost their first baby.

"He has supported me through thick and thin. He was there when our second child was born, and was the first to hold him."

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