What colours say

WEARING the right colours is an ideal way to look younger, healthier, groomed and more energised without having to resort to drastic measures.

Women and men who understand colour characteristics look happier, healthier and more self-assured and as a result of this colours will have an instant positive effect on their look, image, self-esteem and confidence.

Professional Image Consultant Doris Msibi says in business people often need to make quick judgment calls, which are frequently based on outward appearance. So, pick the right colours and make a great first impression.

How to choose the right colours:

l Find colours that are flattering - they'll make you look slimmer, younger, and more vibrant alive and healthy.

l Your colours are an extension of your natural colouring.

l Need to be the expert or authority figure? Wear high contrast light with dark colour combinations.

l Want to look friendly and approachable? Go for lighter and not too bright versions of colours such as blues, greens, pinks and oranges.

l When trying on clothes, hold up the piece of clothing under your chin, shut your eyes and open them - if your eyes are drawn like magnets to the clothes because of the colour - then the colour is not right for you.

l Colour is powerful - it affects our moods - be careful not to wear too much red, orange or yellow at a time as our brains find it hard to look at for long periods.

l Black is a cool colour - if you're not cool in your colouring it won't work on you.

l Do you look best in gold jewellery and cream coloured clothing, or silver jewellery and white clothes? This will give you an idea if you're warm or cool. Warm people tend to look better in gold jewellery and cream or ivory shirts (and wedding dresses), cool people look great in silver jewellery and bright white or soft white tops.-Additional info: www.beautyabout.com