smart bathroom tips

MANY houses, town houses and apartments are cursed with at least one small bathroom that you can hardly turn around in.

Though it might seem that the trend in bathrooms is toward bigger, many people face the challenge of renovating small spaces .

If you don't have the option of creating more space, you need a few decorating tricks.

According to Kate van Niekerk, marketing manager at Tile Africa, there are strategies that can be applied to make a tiny bathroom feel bigger.

l Baths

A soak in a bath is a luxury and it is possible to instal one in a small area.

"Nowadays baths are not always rectangular," Van Niekerk says.

"Look out for a bath that saves space at the foot end.

"Another space saver is a corner bath, useful in an area where a longer bath would block a doorway."

l Showers

"Curved corner or pentagon shower cubicles are miracle space savers."

Where it is impossible to fit in a separate shower, an all - in -one bath and shower combination is the answer.

l Basins

The trend is towards basins that are part of vanity units. This solution uses up empty space below a traditional pedestal basin.

In a small bathroom clutter only intensifies a feeling of smallness. A vanity unit with cupboard space allows you to store everything away.

"Choose a couple of beautiful accessories to have on show, van Niekerk says "

l Toilets

To save space she recommends wall-hung toilets with a concealed flush mechanism. "It gives a streamlined look, and they are very hygienic as the floor beneath them is left clear."

l Accessories

Keep accessories simple. Mirrors are usefulfor reflecting light and making a space seem bigger.

"Use shelves over basins, baths and in showers to keep items such as shampoo and shower gel at hand," Van Niekerk says.

She also recommends double towel rails, and a ring for a hand towel next to a basin.