760li fit for a minister

HOW OFTEN do you see someone driving a large saloon during peak hour traffic and wish it were you?

HOW OFTEN do you see someone driving a large saloon during peak hour traffic and wish it were you?

This type of car recently made headlines because our politicians love them so much.

I am talking about the cars you love to hate because you cannot afford one. You also probably hate the person behind the wheel because he-she has the money (or taxpayers') to buy one.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the new flagship BMW 760Li, which was being launched in Cape Town.

The BMW 7 Series range consists of the 730d, 750i and 750Li. The 760Li completes the range. The manufacturer says it is the ultimate luxury.

After landing at Cape Town International Airport we had lunch before getting down to the serious business of test driving BMW's latest models.

We drove the monster BMW 760Li V12. The sophisticated engine under the bonnet proved its worth. Driving on the Franschhoek Pass my co-driver and I were impressed by the 760Li's road handling despite its body weight.

The big machine handled those tight corners very well. As we left the pass it started to rain as it is wont to in Cape Town.

This was a chance for the 760Li to demonstrate its wet weather capabilities.

This monster offers refined driving dynamics thanks to the new 12-cylinder eight-speed automatic transmission.

Developed as a new engine from the ground up, this V12, according to BMW, is a masterpiece of modern engine technology.

This engine kicks out 400kW at 5 250rpm and maximum torque of 750Nm.

That is simply breathtaking!

Unlike smaller BMWs the 760Li comes fully-packed with everything a "minister would need to execute his duties".

The new BMW 760Li comes with Dynamic Damping Control including Dynamic Driving Control as standard and operated at the touch of a button on the centre console, speed-related Servotronic steering assistance and BMW's Dynamic Drive anti-roll stability system.

In addition to the outstanding technology, the BMW 760Li also features air suspension, including self-levelling on the rear axle and Integral Active Steering offering speed-related adjustment of the steering angle on the rear wheels.