No nookie yet forKaya FM 'newly-weds'

IT'S been almost two months since Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi's commitment ceremony.

IT'S been almost two months since Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi's commitment ceremony.

And questions persist about why they have not yet consummated their relationship.

They still haven't moved in together, but three or four times a week they go on dates, alone or with friends, to get to know each other better.

The two say they are not in a hurry to take their relationship to that level.

But it looks as if they are falling in love.

On December 11 2009 the two were unveiled as winners of Kaya FM's 2Strangers and a Wedding social experiment. They even went on a sponsored "honeymoon".

Dumbutshena explains: "We came back from the honeymoon and had to step back into who we are.

"We are dating. It's fun, we go out to dinner, out with friends and we are getting along pretty well."

Dumbutshena and Malindi want to avoid the pitfalls of the first winners, who married and divorced within three months.

"We are not married. Even if we did [have sex] we would not say anything," she says.

Malindi says: "I think people should leave us alone. Forget about our sex life. It's a private matter.

"Rudo is such a sexy lady so, of course, as a man I do have those feelings. I believe the time will come."

"Passion is a wonderful thing. It is developing more and more as we spend time together," Dumbutshena says.

Malindi says he knows she cares for him and their families have been very supportive.

"It is great that they have all accepted our relationship," Malindi says.

Dumbutshena says Malindi treats her like a lady. Once after a date he followed her home to make sure she was safe.

"It shows just how much he cares."

"We both want this to work. We both genuinely wanted to find someone through this experiment and we have both grown tremendously as people," she says.

Kaya FM head of public relations Londi Sibisi says there is nothing to worry about.

"The whole experience has been a huge step for Rudo and David."

Sibisi says the public has cruel expectations and thinks it is entitled to know everything about the couple's lives.

"Most people sadly don't think that it is going to work out, because it is not a conventional way of meeting," she says.

"Whatever the outcome, it would be unfair to compare with to the first couple, who carried a lot of baggage and divorced after three months."

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