Metrorail continue to fail commuters

METRORAIL has continually failed to provide alternative transport in this country.

Its gaffes continue to take food from the table of the majority of the commuters.

During this phase, when some of the companies are still recovering from the economic meltdown, this is a sham.

Some companies have made coming late an excuse to fire workers.

How many families are affected by this, while a few individuals continue to rake in millions?

This has been going on for a very long time and the recent strike by Metrorails workers is the last straw.

Communication in this regard has been nonexistent.

Commuters are left stranded and in confusion about when their paid-up transport will come to fetch them to work.

When Metrorail does make an announcement is says "the trains are running late due to a strike and Metrorail would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused".

"Inconvenience" - is that all it is to them?

"We have a strong contingency plan in place designed to minimise disruption to operations but we urge commuters and those who depend on our services to make use of alternative transport at this time," its statement says.

Oh, what utter rubbish! Why don't they provide buses since commuters have weekly and monthly tickets?

They knew beforehand about the pending strike, what did they plan for the commuters?

If our government really cared about its citizens they would have intervened ages ago.

Andile Tshona,Vosloorus ext 2