Mashatile and crew are greedy

I AM so disappointed in what Paul Mashatile is doing to the ANC in Gauteng.

I know his crew and he are going to use the media to discredit Nomvula Mokonyane - not only taking advantage of her being a woman but because they are greedy and think the ANC belongs to them.

Comrade Nomvula is only one of several leaders who motivate all women in general and who also loves this organisation.

She is one of the few left in the ANC who is still principled. Unlike greedy, controversial Mashatile, Mokonyane deserves to be our provincial chairperson and our premier, that is why President Jacob Zuma endorsed her appointment and made Mashatile a deputy minister.

We know that Mashatile and his pals carry black bags when going to ANC gatherings to push their mandates, but one day you will be exposed by the people you are trying to bribe.

I hope Gauteng ANC members can see through you and your pals. Maybe you were a leader once upon a time when you were still just an ANC member, because right now you are this person who is making our ANC ancestors - Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and others - angry.

Something must have happened to you a few years ago, because right now I think you need Jesus.

Sandra Lamola, Soshanguve