L et the party season begin

THE party season has started, and we adore its consistency.

First it was Zizi Kodwa's 40th birthday bash at Taboo in Sandton, then comes the J&B in Kenilworth, Cape Town. Hot on the heels will be the opening of Parliament in a few days in the city of storms.

Of course, you can imagine how excited we are.

But before we go on and on about our outfits for the opening of Parliament and dread of seeing Patricia de Lille's ensemble, we have to give you some titbits about what happened at Kodwa's party while he was eating cake with some peasants.

lTokollo "Magesh'' looked confused. No, not on stage but while walking past. We noticed that he was in a world of his own as he had a far-away stare. Maybe he was glad his troubles were over.

lSonia Sedibe stole the show in her fairy tale-like dress even though the club was packed.

lRedi Direko was spotted walking too closely to a man who is known to be a doctor.

lIt was embarrassing to watch former Miss Soweto Lerato Kganyago put her bag on a stranger's seat.

A request to use it while he was clearly sitting on it and then getting told to go to hell by the man was rather embarrassing. I wonder who she thought she was?

lCould somebody please get Tshaka Sisulu a girlfriend - he is always alone and we girls are far too old for him. He was there looking dashing in a suit.

lJulius Malema was spotted by our gay cousins in the men's loo - and they came back smiling. All they would say was: "Let Ju-Ju be King as he is."

lIs Paul Mashatile not the sexiest man alive?

Well, we girls think so and we had a ball even if we had to buy our own drinks.

Tip Zizi: Next year don't send bulk texts, you can party with your people in Gugs - keep it exclusive - oops, maybe we were the people.