How to keep cool during period

WITH predictions from climatologists that February will be a hot and sticky month, it is important for women to know how to keep cool, composed and comfortable during their period.

According to Li-Anne Hide of New Freedom, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a catch-all name for a variety of symptoms women experience a few days before or during their period.

"Moodiness, depression, bloating, skin break-outs, soreness or feelings of heaviness in your breasts are all symptoms of PMS. However, there are ways to manage your PMS and ensure that you stay as comfortable as at any other time," says Hide.

She adds that it is essential to be aware of your body. If you know that you are generally moody a few days before your period, try to remember to stay calm during this time.

"You did marry your husband for a reason, so try not to bite his head off either."

Sleep is also important - staying refreshed makes symptoms seem less of a problem. This will help you to feel more secure and at ease during your period. Wearing loose, breathable cotton clothes will also help you feel more comfortable.

Eat healthily - watch your salt intake during your period.

Excess sodium intake causes water retention, which may make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Avoid caffeine, as caffeine constricts blood vessels and can increase tension.

Walking, swimming and yoga are all moderate exercises that reduce the severity of cramps. A regular exercise routine can help reduce the frequency of cramps. Placing a warm compress like a hot water bottle on your abdomen can also help relieve period pains.

"Just remember that your period does come every month, so embrace it. It is possible to get through this time just like every other day," says Hide. If your bleeding, cramps and PMS are severe, it is best to consult your doctor."

Foods to lessen bloating

l During your menstrual cycle you retain fluids in your body, making you feel bloated, and sodium aggravates this. Eating less sodium and drinking more water may help make you feel less bloated. Eating spicy foods may also help you feel less bloated and improve blood circulation.


l Foods rich in minerals such as magnesium may help with PMS relief. Foods rich in calcium help reduce symptoms related to PMS.


l Protein may have properties that balance hormones. Protein sources like meat help reduce iron deficiency. Women lose iron when they have their period.

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