Government is failing our poor students

THE poor cannot afford fees in institutions of higher learning yet every year the fees increa se.

The global economic recession coupled with the high rate of unemployment seems of no consequence to the government.

Rich people only want their own children to be educated and poor children to continue working for them .

The money spent on Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande's car would have paid for at least 500 first-year students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal . The man draws two salaries as a minister and as secretary-general of the South African Communist Party.

Patrick Bond of the Centre for Civil Society at the UKZ N calls this behaviour, talking left and walking right.

If the children of poor people continue living under these conditions, the high crime rate will continue and poor women will continue being victims of sexual exploitation.

King Shaka's words continue to have their prophetic impact. He said other races (now it is the ruling class) pay inhumane and unfair wages.

Also, poverty will continue to rise in South Africa.

Our government has their priorities upside down. If they can fork out billions of rands to build and to renovate stadiums for 2010, which will only last a month, this means our country is very rich indeed. If they can spend so much on white elephants (as the late Dennis Brutus called them), surely there must be money for poor children's education?

They also spend billions on arms and ammunition.

Who will take charge of our economy if we deny our children education to better our country?

Faith ka-Manzi, Durban