Principal accused of misusing school funds

DISGRUNTLED teachers at Manorvlei Primary School in Tzaneen, Limpopo, have accused the school principal of financial mismanagement.

This follows allegations that principal Walter Maunatlala had misused the school's finances to the tune of thousands of rands since the school started receiving an annual budget in 2006.

Sowetan is in possession of a "faked" annual financial statement, which the principal drew up after parents, teachers and the school governing body demanded to see such a statement before the school closed last year.

The school had been getting an annual budget of not less than R300000 a year since 2006.

But parents, teachers and the SGB said the condition of the school was very poor.

They also accused Maunatlala of failing to convene a meeting to give an account of the school's finances to them and the SGB for the past year.

This had allegedly been happening since the school started getting an annual budget from the provincial department of education in 2006.

The teachers' concern allegedly came after they realised that the school had no chairs, tables and desks, while door locks were damaged and windows broken.

Parents were instructed to buy chairs for their children when registering them.

Pupils were also ordered to donate money to buy floor polish for the school.

Provincial education spokesperson Ndo Mangala said the department would launch an investigation into the allegations.